Plan Hídrico advises for sustainable solutions

    Developed by scientists academics and community members, Plan Hídrico advises for sustainable solutions like building filtration wells to retain water. The watershed of the Amecameca and La Compañía rivers spans a region covering 11 municipalities of the State of Mexico. About 40% of Mexico City’s water comes from this very basin; however, overuse and mismanagement inflicted […]

Axel Ramírez-Madera – Latinos in Agriculture Profile

Interview with Latinos in Agriculture Leader Axel Ramírez-Madera, Student  Meet Axel Ramírez-Madera in our ongoing interview series, “Latinos in Agriculture”. The story of Axel Ramírez-Madera begins in the mountains of Puerto Rico and now continues as he pursues a PhD in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. “I grew […]