Tomato Genome Unraveled

BTI-Tomato Genome Unraveled

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The Boyce-Thompson Institute is an affilate of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY dedicated to plant research. In the Summer of 2012 collaborative research they had completed with a world wide team of scientists concerning the tomato genome was published in the journal “Nature”. The director of outreach for the institute wished to have a video made for their website which showcased this landmark publication. The target audience was laypeople who are interested in science, genetics and the application of research of this nature.

The greatest challenge involved in making this piece was taking about an hour of discussion about the work between the four principle scientists. Both from this footage and from takes from individuals we had to “find the story”. My gratitude to my wife Karen knows no bounds for giving up Labor Day weekend to catalog and sort the clips until we found the core message. Jeff Lower was indispensable during the actual shoot to insure that we more then adequately covered the shoot and insured that the technical aspects were well in hand.

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