Golden Harvest 2

Video by: The Film Artist

From the filmmaker:

More than just a film, a musical tale of hope and the harsh reality of the weather, two years ago we made Golden Harvest , this year we made Golden Harvest Two. It took 8 months to capture and edit. I started filming GH2 at the beginning of March and finished at the end of October 2012 spending hundreds of hours in making this film.

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All the music used was from the Vimeo Music Store under a creative commons licence. As the film is nearly 20 minutes long, please feel to download the film and watch at your leisure.

Music by:

Intro & Score -“Suicide express for 2 Pianos” by Bladiator
Life is like a Harvest – “In America”
Drought – “Tonight” by Maya Solovéy
Chatter in the Wheat field – “Prud’Hommes” by Cobra (avec logo panthère)
Break-in – “I Think I Lost My Mind” by David Blaize
Night Harvest – “Beautiful Being” (Instrumental) by Run Devil Run
Harvest Timelapse – “Day Bird” by Broke For Free
End of the Harvest – “The Only Ones” by Nicole Reynolds

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